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Saturday, Jun 09, 2018 (7:30 AM. -- 10:00 AM.)
Cookson, Oklahoma: Tenkiller Airpark (44M)
Cookson Jubilee Fly In Pancake Breakfast
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Pancake Breakfast with the Cookson Jubilee Music Festival held adjacent to the airport on 6/8 & 6/9. Tent camping permitted, Fuel available for check or cash. Come camp,enjoy the music and join us for breakfast. Sponsered by EAA Chapter1040

Airport Information:
Tenkiller Airpark (44M)
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Phone - 918-457-4774

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Cookson Jubilee Fly In Pancake Breakfast

Tenkiller Airpark (44M)

32248 Skyline Dr.

Cookson, Oklahoma 74427