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Saturday, Jun 02, 2018 (10:00 AM. -- 1:00 PM.)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Timmerman Airport (KMWC)
Flour Drop Contest
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Join us for our 2nd Annual “Flour Drop” at Timmerman Airport! This unique contest features the dropping of small bags of flour from light aircraft above the Airport. Prizes will be awarded to the pilot/bombardier team whose flour lands closest to a marked target on a turf runway. Enjoy free coffee/donuts in the morning and a free pizza lunch in the afternoon!

Airport Information:
Milwaukee Timmerman Airport (KMWC)
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Contact - Harold Mester

Phone - 4147473728

Website - http://timmermanairport.com/about/timmerman-news-events/

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Flour Drop Contest

Milwaukee Timmerman Airport (KMWC)

9305 W. Appleton Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225