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Thursday-Thursday, May 24, 2018 - Jul 26, 2018 (6:30 PM. -- 9:00 PM.)
Orono, Maine: Near Bangor International Airport (KBGR)
Instrument Pilot Ground School
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If earning an instrument rating or working on advanced certificates and ratings is your dream, you are in the right place! WINGsReality EDU has developed the most comprehensive, interactive, engaging, and exciting Instrument Pilot Ground School available anywhere. Whether you attend from home or in our classroom, our courses are designed to work with your busy schedule. You get a great education while saving time and money! But I only fly VFR. Should I take this course? Actually, yes! Every pilot will benefit from taking an instrument pilot ground school. Here's why! I remember when I would have said the same thing. When I started my instrument training, I knew instantly that this was going to be a game changer for me in the cockpit... even if I never took any instrument flight training or a check ride. I had no idea how much knowledge I would gain about airplane performance, the National Airspace System, and other important parts of aviation. Most of all, I would never think of my airplane the same way again. It was a different machine altogether! Instrument pilots learn so much more about airplane performance than we ever did as private pilots. Instrument pilot ground school will make every pilot a better and more confident flyer.

Airport Information:
Near Bangor International Airport (KBGR)
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Contact - Michael Lessard

Phone - 2074795409

Website - https://wingsrealityedu.com/programs/instrument-pilot-ground-school/

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Instrument Pilot Ground School

Near Bangor International Airport (KBGR)

20 Godfrey Drive

Orono, Maine 04473