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Saturday, Jun 02, 2018 (7:00 AM. -- 12:00 PM.)
Moundridge, Kansas: Moundridge Municipal Airport (K47K)
2018 Black Kettle Festival Fly-In
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SouthWind Global Aviation presents its 4th annual celebration of all things with wings. Aircraft of all types are invited to come join the party. Pancake and Sausage Breakfast will be served and is free for those who fly in, suggested donation of $5 per person for those without wings (proceeds will be going to the local Fire and EMT departments). In addition to the breakfast, the EAA Chapter 1344 will be providing Young Eagles flights. Young Eagles is an opportunity for kids ages 8 to 17 to get a free flight.

Airport Information:
Moundridge Municipal Airport (K47K)
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2018 Black Kettle Festival Fly-In

Moundridge Municipal Airport (K47K)

1120 E Cole Stq

Moundridge, Kansas 67107