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Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018 (7:00 PM. -- 9:00 PM.)
Orono, Maine: Near Bangor International Airport (KBGR)
FAA WINGs Webinar, Runway Incursions - Putting it All on The Line
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Of all accident scenarios, runway incursions carry the greatest potential for mass catastrophic damages and loss of lives.  History has proven this, yet approximately three runway incursions occur each day at towered airports in the U.S.  What about the ones at non-towered fields that we don’t know about?  It is surprising how easily and quickly these events can happen, and how they can involve anyone in the airport environment.  In this webinar, we will dive deep into how’s and whys of runway incursions and we’ll explore the causal factors that trigger them.

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Near Bangor International Airport (KBGR)
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FAA WINGs Webinar, Runway Incursions - Putting It All On The Line

Near Bangor International Airport (KBGR)

20 Godfrey Drive

Orono, Maine 04473