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Saturday, Jan 19, 2019 (8:30 AM. -- 10:30 AM.)
Bushnell, Florida: Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)
Flying FOOLZ January Breakfast Fly-in
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You are invited to join the Flying FOOLZ for another of our famous fly-in breakfasts. Eggs, sausage, pancakes (including gluten free), fresh fruit, orange juice, and of course, the fuel many pilots run on, coffee. Please use our CTAF of 123.0 to call the pattern. See you then for great food and fly-in fun.

Airport Information:
Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)
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Contact - Stephanie Bensinger

Phone - 352-235-9598

Website - http://flyingfoolz.org

Email - Send an e-mail

Flying FOOLZ January Breakfast Fly-in

Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)

5020 CR 316a

Bushnell, Florida 33513