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Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 (9:00 AM. -- 4:00 PM.)
McKinney, Texas: McKinney National (TKI)
McKinney Challenge Air Fly Day
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Challenge Air builds self-esteem and confidence of children and youth with specials needs, through the experience of flight. Since 1993, Challenge Air has enriched the lives of children and youth with special needs through its unique aviation programs. Challenge Air’s mission reflects the life-changing impact the flight experience has on children, families, donors, sponsors and communities as a whole.

Airport Information:
McKinney National (TKI)
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Contact - April Culver

Phone - 214-351-3353

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McKinney Challenge Air Fly Day

McKinney National (TKI)

1476 Industrial Blvd.

McKinney, Texas 75070