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Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 (10:00 AM. -- 2:00 PM.)
Springfield, Tennessee: Springfield-Robertson County Airport (M91)
2nd Annual "Pack-a-Plane" Food Drive Fly-In
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Come on out and join the Wingnuts Crew & the Springfield-Robertson Co. Airport Board for our 2nd Annual "Pack-a-Plane" Food Drive Fly-In! There will be plenty for the whole family to enjoy with local vendors, music, drawings, food trucks and more.... And for the first time at M91 get up close and personal with the award-winning 1937 Detroit Foundation DC-3. Take a step back in time as you tour the cabin of an original American Airlines passenger plane and learn more about its vital role throughout aviation history. And for you thrill seekers out there sign up for a foundation membership for only $100 and enjoy first-class as you take to the skies during membership rides beginning at 10 am. So bring out the family and those can goods and we will see you for a day of fun, charity, and history here in beautiful Springfield, TN!

Airport Information:
Springfield-Robertson County Airport (M91)
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Phone - 615-384-3200


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2nd Annual "Pack-a-Plane" Food Drive Fly-In

Springfield-Robertson County Airport (M91)

4432 Airport Road

Springfield, Tennessee 37172