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Saturday, Oct 07, 2017 (10:30 AM. -- 12:00 PM.)
Danbury, Wisconsin: Voyager Village (9WN2)
Bernard Pietenpol Presentation & Fly-In
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A presentation will be given by Bernard Pietenpol's granddaughter,Linda Pietenpol-Kelley, who is a local area resident from Chisago City, MN. Linda grew up watching her grandfather build these wonderful aircraft in Cherry Grove, MN and flew right alongside with him. Linda has written two books on the life and history of Bernard Pietenpol and his airplanes ( Bernard Pietenpol: Mementos and Memories & B.H. Pietenpol's Scrapbook ) and an article, "Flying With Grandpa Bernie", for the EAA. We will also have attending Bernis Hoopman Finke and her husband John Finke. Bernis is Orrin Hoopman's Daughter, and John is Don Finke's nephew. Orrin Hoopman and Don Finke and were two of Bernard Pietenpol's closest friends that helped him begin experimenting with various wing and fuselage designs on the original Pietenpol prototypes , as well as engines to power them. We should have a lot of aviation history to be shared with everyone!

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Voyager Village (9WN2)
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Bernard Pietenpol Presentation & Fly-In

Voyager Village (9WN2)

28851 Kilkare Road

Danbury, Wisconsin 54830