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Saturday, Nov 04, 2017 (8:30 AM. -- 11:00 AM.)
East Windsor, Connecticut: Skylark Airpark (7B6)
Pancake Breakfast - EAA Chapter 1310
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Fly or drive in for our hot pancakes (with our hurricane sauce) sausages and scrambled eggs. Coffee, juice, milk and fruit cup too. It's all you can eat for a $6.00 donation.

Airport Information:
Skylark Airpark (7B6)
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Contact - Jack Olsen

Phone - 860-281-1310

Website - www.eaa1310.org

Email - Send an e-mail

Pancake Breakfast - EAA Chapter 1310

Skylark Airpark (7B6)

54 Wells Road

East Windsor, Connecticut 06016