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Saturday, May 19, 2018 (8:00 AM. -- 1:00 PM.)
Wadsworth, Ohio: Wadsworth Municipal Airport (3G3)
Fly-In & Pancake Breakfast
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Celebrate spring at the airport! Shine up your plane and come show it off at the Wadsworth Municipal Airport, (3G3). Or drive on in, see all the planes and enjoy a fresh, hot pancake breakfast! Rain or shine, come join us from 8 am-1 pm on Sat., May 19th at the Wadsworth Municipal Airport, 840 Airport Rd., in Wadsworth.

Airport Information:
Wadsworth Municipal Airport (3G3)
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Contact - Mike Baker

Phone - 330-321-6274

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Fly-In & Pancake Breakfast

Wadsworth Municipal Airport (3G3)

840 Airport Rd.

Wadsworth, Ohio 44281