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Saturday, Jun 02, 2018 (7:00 AM. -- 11:00 AM.)
Weidman, Michigan: Ojibwa Airpark (D11)
Annual Ojibwa (D11) All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Fly-In
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Fly, or drive to the annual all-you-can-eat- breakfast fly-in at Ojibwa Airpark in beautiful Central Michigan. Growing in size each year. Almost 100 planes in attendance in 2017. If you attend one Michigan fly-in this year this is the one you won’t want to miss. THIS IS THE BREAKFAST YOU’VE HEARD ABOUT! Steaks will be served! D11 is a well maintained 3600’ by 125’ grass strip located approximately 13nm northwest (302 Radial) of Mount Pleasant. Overnight camping on the field is welcome. $10 for adults. $7 for kids 5-8. Kids under 5 eat free!

Airport Information:
Ojibwa Airpark (D11)
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Contact - Perry Stewart

Phone - 586-805-0853

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Annual Ojibwa (D11) All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Fly-In

Ojibwa Airpark (D11)

7751 N Airpark Rd

Weidman, Michigan 48893