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Sunday, Jun 17, 2018 (12:00 PM. -- 2:30 PM.)
Holmen, Wisconsin: Holland Airpark (36WI)
Holland Airpark Chicken Que
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On Father’s Day 2018, come and enjoy the best BBQ chicken available at EAA Chapter 307’s famous annual Chicken Que on Holland Airpark (36WI) which is 9 NM north of LaCrosse. 3200 ft of paved runway in perfect condition. June 17th 2018 starting at noon until gone. PIC eats free but donations appreciated. CTAF 122.9

Airport Information:
Holland Airpark (36WI)
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Phone - 608 780 6378

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Holland Airpark Chicken Que

Holland Airpark (36WI)

Holmen, Wisconsin 54636