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Saturday, May 12, 2018 (11:00 AM. -- 3:00 PM.)
Massey, Maryland: Massey Aerodrome (MD1)
Massey Chili Fiesta Fly-In
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Fly-In or Drive in. Good weather will bring over 100 general aviation aircraft, many taildraggers, biplanes, antique & classics to enjoy Grassroots Aviation. 3000’ x 100’ firm grass runway. Aviation camaraderie, see which new projects your friends have finished. Tour the Massey Air Museum, DC-3 & hangars, excellent photo and viewing area. You are invited to share your favorite chili recipe or covered dish - Optional (Not required). Visit our Photo Library for previous events. Free Admission. Located at 33541 Maryland Line Rd., Massey, MD 21650. As always, keep an eye out for "no-radio" aircraft. Winds permitting, we usually use Runway 02 for arrival on event days, if not - we have widened the west side “Back Taxi” lane. The “Back Taxi” lane also facilitates departures on 02.

Airport Information:
Massey Aerodrome (MD1)
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Massey Chili Fiesta Fly-In

Massey Aerodrome (MD1)

33541 Maryland Line Rd.

Massey, Maryland 21650